I have worn many creative hats in my past. Filiokus (launched in 2005) is a playful range of children’s clothing, like dress-ups that you can wear everyday. I played around with the classic A-line shape dress and colour and a range evolved. For example, a cheese dress with a mouse, a cow dress with an udder pocket, a ladybird dress with wings and finger loops so you can fly, and many more. A range of sun hats, and a range of suits followed. Made locally, in 100% cotton.

My Master thesis (2011) explored practical furniture solutions for my own shared domestic/work space situation. Instead of dressing myself for work, I dressed my work chair according to mood or business of the day. The project highlighted the lack of boundaries and transition to work when working from home, and the effects humour can play on everyday life.

The GST Return chair with suction cups suggests “don’t even think of leaving the chair until the job is done”. A sheep skin suit for cold days; the hat adds a sense of ‘putting on the work hat’. The Monday Blues chair, with deep pockets; as you sit back and sigh, the chair sighs with you, the chair becomes a companion.

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